Kyo Zogan | Authentic Kyoto-style Inlay

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How to Produce

Every single step is completed with extremely care by our craftsmen.
Exclusive Zogan works are born to be the “only one” in the world.

  • Making the base

  • Applying grease

  • Tracing the design

  • Engraving

    Engraving 7 to 8 extremely fine lines with a chisel within a 1-mm square space on the surface of the thin iron plate, which looks like fabric grains.

  • Inlaying

    Inlaying decorative parts made with very thin pure gold or silver plate on the surface of the engraved iron base with a small hammer.

  • Finishing inlaying

  • Corroding

  • Rusting

  • Rust-proofing

  • “Sukashi” (Watermarking); Nakajima Zogan’s original technique

    Trimming except inlayed areas by a coping saw.

  • Baking lacquer

    Applying lacquer and baking it over fire; Repeating this process 3 to 4 times.

  • Polishing

    Polishing gold and silver decorative parts with a spatula.

  • Final engraving

    Adding extra engraving over the decoration in order to add spatial effect.

  • Frosting

  • Complete